Carwatha College P-12 is a government school, providing for students from Preparatory level through to Year 12 on the one site. As such, it is “a College for the whole family”. This, together with the truly multi-cultural nature of our school population, supports a very caring and inclusive environment.

Carwatha is a vibrant learning community with a strong culture of caring for the individual needs of students, catering for the full range of academic and vocational pathways, from Prep. to Year 12.

The P-12 nature of our school is a great strength, for both primary and secondary sections of the school. Staff work across sectors and both students and staff have access to facilities and expertise that would not be available in stand alone primary and secondary schools.

Through a comprehensive curriculum, together with the full range of post-compulsory pathways, we cater for the needs of all students through their various stages of development. Our innovative teaching and learning practices and personal development programs ensure that our students are well prepared to cope with the broad demands that society places on young people now and into the future.

Outstanding facilities and a strong focus on the use of information and communication technologies support our curriculum and teaching and learning practices.

Carwatha College P-12 will provide your child with outstanding educational opportunities in a safe, caring and well disciplined environment. Our motto “Learning Together” is a reflection of our commitment to work in partnership with parents and students to achieve the best possible educational outcomes for all of our students.