At Carwatha College P-12 we believe Mathematics, is an essential part of our daily lives. Our Mathematics program is based on students developing appropriate skills and understandings and applying them in daily situations through personalised programs developed by teachers to address individual learning needs.

Our teachers provide students with explicit instructions during mathematical experiences which are both engaging and enjoyable for all involved. We encourage investigation and support our students with the development of their problem solving skills. Teachers provide hands on learning experiences for all students and integrate a variety of technology (computers, Ipads, Interactive Whiteboards etc) into their daily, one hour, Mathematics session.

An experienced Mathematics Intervention teacher is employed at the college to provide further assistance for students who need additional support with their mathematical understanding. A program is also offered for students who need to be extended in their learning.

We offer a range of activities throughout the year to ensure that our students are enthusiastic and motivated while learning Mathematics:

  • Mathletics (Online resource) is available for all of our students to access in the classroom and at home. The interactive lessons and games keep our students engaged and support them with learning important mathematical concepts.
  • Teams of students are offered the opportunity to represent our college in the Greater Dandenong Maths Games Day
  • A family maths evening is offered to provide families with useful games and activities to use at home with their children
  • Travelling maths kits are sent home with different students. These kits are full of games for students to play with their families.
  • Individual student maths kits are given to each child to use throughout the school year. These kits contain important tools for students to use during their mathematics classes.