Prep. Transition

Carwatha College P-12 is a school for the family. Many families join us in prep and leave at the end of year 12. We are a caring community and have developed programs which support students at any point of transition Our Prep transition programs are designed to make the transition from home or a pre-school setting to school as smooth as possible. Research suggests that students who are familiar with the school setting adjust more easily to their first year of schooling. By working closely with parents and pre-school settings our transition team have designed activities to ensure your child is well prepared for school and feels safe and comfortable in the Primary surrounds.

Our program will:

  • Help pre-schoolers familiarise themselves with the new environment
  • Provide them  with a readiness for reading program
  • Engage them in a range of  interesting classroom activities
  • Encourage and promote social interaction with other new pre-schoolers
  • Provide information and support for parents and carers