Primary Years

Our Primary program aims to provide a safe, fun and caring environment where children are encouraged to develop independence and a feeling of belonging to school. A priority for our College is the development of literacy and numeracy skills.


A daily classroom program includes:


  • Dedicated 2 hour Literacy block including lessons in reading and writing that are targeted to individual student’s needs.
  • Dedicated 1 hour Numeracy block, including specific lessons based on number, measurement, geometry and statistics and probability that are also targeted to individual student’s needs.


Other features of our Primary program include:

  • An opportunity for all students to develop skills and knowledge in geography, history, thinking processes, design, creativity & technology, social and emotional learning and civics & citizenship as outlined in the Victorian Curriculum.
  • Art lessons where students develop creativity while working with a variety of materials.
  • Physical Education lessons where students develop co-ordination skills, game sense and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.
  • STEM lessons where students combine Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to solve problems.
  • Digital Technology – IPads, interactive whiteboards, computers, digital and video cameras and a range of software and web-based applications are used extensively to support learning in a variety of classroom activities and during designated ICT lessons.
  • Science lessons where students perform experiments in a Science Laboratory and develop scientific literacy and inquiry skills in a variety of areas (Biological, Chemical, Physical & Earth and Space).
  • Sport where students in grades 1 to 6 learn a variety of skills and rules of different sports, both team and individual based.
  • PMP where students in Prep/Foundation develop motor skills while completing a variety of different physical activities.
  • Excursions and Incursions – at least 2 excursions and 2 incursions are planned per year to give hands-on experiences and build a wider knowledge of the topics studied.
  • Mad on Music Program is offered to students (extra charge) to provide opportunities to learn keyboard, guitar or singing.
  • Grade 5/6 Camp for students to support their social development and build skills in team-work and communication.
  • Better Buddies Program where students in Prep/Foundation work with a Grade 6 buddy to develop a multi-age friendship and work co-operatively on a variety of activities.
  • Year 9 Reading Program where students in Year 9 regularly read to, and listen to, Primary students read, to further their skills and confidence and to promote a love of reading.
  • Intensive swimming program is offered to all students.
  • Dance program where all students learn a choreographed dance routine and perform at the Primary concert.