Our Prep program aims to provide a safe, fun and caring environment where children are encouraged to develop independence and a feeling of belonging to school. A strong focus on the development of literacy and numeracy skills is a feature of our Prep year.

The daily Prep program includes:


  • Dedicated 2 hour block in Reading, Writing and Spelling to develop literacy skills and promote a love of reading.
  • Dedicated 1 hour block in Numeracy, including counting activities with specific lessons based on number, measurement, geometry and statistics and probability.


Other features of our Prep Program include: 


  • ICT- weekly lessons in the lab. IPads, interactive whiteboards, computers, digital and video cameras and a range of software and web-based applications are used extensively to support learning in all classroom activities.
  • Art- weekly lessons to develop creativity and skills in cutting, pasting, using colour and a variety of materials.
  • Drama- weekly specialist lesson where creativity, confidence, speaking and listening are developed.
  • Physical Education – weekly specialist lesson to develop co-ordination skills and student health.
  • Science- weekly sessions based on specific topics, where students observe and describe the behaviours and properties of everyday objects, materials and living things and they explore change in the world around them.
  • Better Buddies Program- children work with a Year 6 buddy to develop a multi-age friendship and work co-operatively on a variety of activities.
  •   Year 9 Reading Program- Year 9 students regularly read to, and listen to, Prep children, to further their skills and confidence and to promote a love of reading.
  • Excursions and Incursions- at least 2 excursions and two incursions are planned per year to give hands-on experiences and build a wider knowledge of the topics studied.
  • Children’s Garden- students are involved in planting of vegetables and flowers and learn about the care and maintenance required in a garden.