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Mock interviews


Carwatha College P-12’s  award winning Mock Interview program provides students with the opportunity to experience a real life job interview with a community business leader, dressed in formal attire and having prepared an employment portfolio. This year’s event involved partnership with 26 community & business representatives.In the weeks leading up to the event students develop letter writing skills, create a resume and rehearse interviewing techniques.At the conclusion of the 15 minute interview students are provided with written and verbal feedback in the following areas- communication skills, attitude, personality & maturity, knowledge& interest in their selected job, and on their personal appearance.Students experience pride, a sense of achievement and recognition as they explore their strengths, abilities and aptitudes.



Mock interviews were an eye opening experience that made me reflect on my skills. The process has given me confidence in putting myself out there and taking a chance with my future career. The interview was nerve wrecking but a really great opportunity to take me out of my comfort zone. I feel more prepared for future conversations with employers and know what to expect when in the next interview situation.” 

 Alema- Year 10 student.


“ I have found there has been an onslaught of fear based hype surrounding millennials joining the workforce of late.   However, if the students that I met and mock interviewed at Carwatha College  P-12  are a reflection of the calibre of potential young employees entering our workforce, we can breathe a sigh of relief as we have nothing to fear.   I was blown away yet again with the, confidence, enthusiasm, resilience & attitude of the students at Carwatha College.  The teachers and students have developed a community of success, supportiveness and inclusion.  The very atmosphere throughout the college tells you at Carwatha it’s cool to study.  Thank you allowing me the privilege to be reinvigorated by spending time with our next generation – always a pleasure.”  

 Claire Spencer – HR & Finance Manager Norden - community partner.

 "... the mock interview  program at Carwatha College P-12 is such a fantastic experience for the students. For many, it is the first time they have needed to face the nervousness that comes with putting yourself on the line for something that is important for you. A great learning experience for all the students which  gives them a real taste of the importance of  putting yourself forward in an adult world. It is an experience that will give them a real advantage as they move beyond school to further education and work. The fact that twenty local business and community members give their time for this program reflects on the importance of this experience for students. Well done Carwatha!!"

Frank Sal –Principal Liaison- Victorian Depart of Education





 Carwatha students studying VCE PE and Health Human Development had the amazing opportunity to visit The Richmond Football Club.Students consolidated their learning on strength based training, nutrition, altitude training and recovery (including ice baths) as well as having the opportunity to watch training and have a tour of the elite sporting facility.Students enjoyed assisting to design and then participating in gym based training program at the facility on Swan St. The session also included a nutritional lunch- where students were given advice on how to fuel their body pre and post intense physical activity. Students also have the opportunity to learn more about the various community educational programs being run by Richmond including the new Leadership and Elite Sporting Diplomas being run at the Richmond Institute of Education in partnership with Swinburne University.


The students really enjoyed an informative, educational  and hands on day at Richmond Football club. Experiences like this at Carwatha College give students the opportunity to challenge themselves and in this case see inside the world of elite athletes. Students also have the chance to discover & research potential career ideas and ask questions from experts in their field.”    Jodie Mccarthy – Careers and Pathways Manager

 “I enjoyed watching the Richmond players train and getting an insight into life as an athlete.  Receiving some professional training and knowledge about building strength based training program as well as actually experiencing training at high altitude and how it makes your body work harder was really helpful for our PE course. “

 Phillip (Year 12 student)

 “The experience to visit Richmond Football club  was really good, very informative and educational excursion. I’m so glad I went the nutrition information they shared with us was so relevant to what we have been learning in class”.

 Sabin (Year 11 student)