Performing Arts

The college is proud of its Performing Arts program, which includes offering Music, Drama, Dance and Glee Club.

Students have the opportunity to participate in one of the many college Performing Arts events.  These include:

  • Annual College Variety Night
  • College Production
  • States Schools Spectacular
  • Arts and Technology Festival
  • Annual Musical Concert


Variety Night

Our annual Variety Night again showcased some of Carwatha's amazing talent. Our dancing, singing, song-writing, instrumental, circus, calisthenics, martial arts - and many other - performers provided a seemingly endless range of superb entertainment.



Students are encouraged to participate in a range of extra - curricular opportunities to support them to develop their skills in many areas. One of these opportunities is our instrumental music program.  We offer a wide range of instrumental lessons including;

  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Woodwind instruments - flute, clarinet, saxophone
  • Brass instruments - trumpet, trombone

Please contact the college for further information.