Student Leadership

Whether leading class discussion, participating in drama and music performances, or being a part of our many sports steams, students are encouraged to discover and develop their capacity to lead.Carwatha College P-12 has always fostered and developed leadership opportunities for girls and boys. Every program at Carwatha is designed to develop students’ confidence, sense of responsibility, their organisational skills and commitment to goals. Our goal is to ensure that all students may experience elements of leadership. Students are also given opportunities to share leadership roles so they can learn together.


2019 College Captains


BRI0005.jpg          WEE0007.jpg          COS0027.jpg          FUL0001.jpg

         Ben Bright                   Dulara Weerasinghe                Eftalya Coskun                    Jacky Fulcher                


2019 House Captains


SOR0008.jpg          GHA0007.jpg          LE-0025.jpg          VU-0056.jpg

             Laver                                    Fraser                                 Bradman                               Cuthbert

      Krisha Soriya                   Ramzi Ghandour                        Kristy Le                              Alex VU



2019 Sport Captain                    2019 Arts Captain


      VAL0006.jpg                                             HRA0001.jpg

             Jovan Vales                                                               Talen Hrant


The college is proud of its specific leadership programs and these include:

  • Form Captains
  • College Captains
  • House Captains
  • Arts Captains
  • Sport Captains
  • Student Representative Council
  • Student Representatives on College Council
  • Peer Support Leaders
  • Year 9 Community Leadership Program

The college supports and encourages leadership of students through training, mentoring and ongoing support. Our leaders are formally acknowledged in their role via badges, certificates and formal presentations.Candidates are required to submit a written application and participate in a selection process.Senior student leadership positions are announced at the Annual College Awards night.